Spray Foam Insulation Greatly Improves Energy Efficiency Of Commercial Buildings

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When deciding on the optimum insulation for a commercial building, there are a variety of products available on the market. Foam board insulation panels, for instance, have been a common choice over the years. Spray foam insulation, however, has been an even more popular option due to its superior energy saving capabilities.

One of the reasons is because this material completely fills in spaces. When looking at stud wall cavities, for example, irregularities can be filled in around them using this product without compromising or restricting the amount of insulation being installed. Because it is sprayed into place on the premises, this commercial insulation is not hindered by unusual conditions that are often a challenge when using pre-cut or pre-formed insulation products.

Further, it holds its shape so that settling and sagging, which can cause voids or gaps, don’t occur over time. Air leakage is also greatly reduced, significantly minimizing unwanted air infiltration. In fact, spray foam is sometimes specifically used in commercial buildings just to seal penetrations and openings. The air-sealing ability of spray foam building insulation provides an effective barrier in lowering airborne moisture transfer.

Research indicates that almost half of a building’s energy is lost due to air infiltration through walls, windows and doorways.  As a result, commercial properties treated with spray foam can provide up to 50 percent better thermal protection than traditional products. The industry has combated the issue of keeping unwanted moisture out of walls for years, so the fact that it can do that is a big victory.

In terms of both installation and design, this particular type of commercial insulation has evolved into one of the most advanced technologies today. Choosing spray foam for a property can offer a substantial savings over the years, which is a potentially terrific return on investment. Because it’s designed to last for the life of the building, there is also little or no maintenance required. As one of the best insulation products out there, spray foam goes beyond just R-values and actually addresses a comprehensive way to optimize energy efficiency.

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