Spray Foam Insulation and Its Benefits

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Spray foam insulation is becoming a more popular choice among those looking to regulate heat in their homes and protect against air leaks. The application process initiates a chemical reaction, causing the plastic polyurethane foam to expand into the areas it is meant to insulate, which creates a perfect seal in those areas.


There are three main varieties of spray foam insulation. In order to choose the right variety, builders consider the type of structure to be insulated, the project budget, and the humidity and weather patterns of the location. Low-density foam is often applied in attics without venting or internal spaces. Medium-density foam is also sometimes used for attics without venting or internal spaces, as well as uninterrupted lengths of insulation. High-density foam is primarily used with roofs and external areas. How the foam is applied also makes a difference; for example, foam can be applied with varying levels of pressure for different effects.


Spray foam is superior to other kinds of insulation when it comes to sealing small openings and cracks. It effortlessly works its way into the tiniest of spaces, creating an airtight seal. Eliminating air leaks makes a big impact on home energy efficiency. Keeping warm air in and cold air out (or vice versa in summertime) as effectively as possible also helps reduce energy bills.

While air leaks can be a nuisance, water leaks are a nightmare. Damage from moisture or flooding in the house can be devastatingly expensive to fix. Using spray foam to seal and insulate openings in the attic, basement and anywhere else moisture attempts to creep in can save a homeowner from the huge cost of repairing damage done by water. The foam acts as an impenetrable barrier to moisture and does not absorb it. The chemical structure of spray foam also deters the growth of mold and mildew.

In addition to its exceptional capabilities as an insulator and sealant, spray foam insulation also lasts longer than many other types of insulation. For a homeowner, it is a wise investment to make.

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