One of the easiest ways to make your home more energy efficient is to insulate it against heat transfer and air leaks. It is a fix it and forget it addition that can automatically knock hundreds of dollars off your total annual utility bill. You may also qualify for state energy rebates. We have been finding precise insulation and air sealing solutions for homes and businesses for many years. Call now for your energy audit and free estimate.

Energy Efficient Home Insulation

These heat barriers keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They work by blocking the natural flow of heat into cooler spaces. How effective it is depends on its R-value; that is, its ability to resist the flow of heat. The R-value varies greatly according to the type of material used, the climate and the part of the house. Different levels are recommended for attic and basement insulation, crawl spaces and walls. We are experienced energy auditors who can tell you where you need to make your home or business more energy efficient.

Types of Home Insulation

  • Spray foam insulation – A cushy mixture of chemicals and tiny cells, it completely blankets all surfaces on contact. Applied as a liquid with a dual sprayer, it expands to many times its size on contact. This adds thickness, a matrix of air or gas-filled chambers, and a rigidity that keeps it in place. Spray foam snugly conforms to unusual shapes and protrusions, sealing tiny cracks and gaps. There are two kinds: open-cell is spongier, so it is a great noise baffler but limited to indoor use; closed-cell is more expensive but is so waterproof that certain types can be used outdoors.
  • Batts and rolls – These types of fiberglass insulation are the most familiar to homeowners. It is the least expensive energy efficient solution of this type, and the easiest for the average person to apply. You just roll it out and trim the ends. It should be installed by an experienced insulation company in order to ensure air sealing around edges. We specially prep the surfaces with a special sealant and use a special tape to secure the ends.
  • Blown in insulation – Made of finely shredded fiberglass or cellulose, it highly affordable and energy efficient. It is forced into spaces with a pressurized hose. It traps air within its random layers when applied thickly and evenly. It is particularly effective for wall cavities, attic floors and tight spaces. The best results come from a professional insulation company.
  • Cellulose – Used in different ways, it has been around for over 50 years and is the greenest insulation product, usually containing about 85 percent recycled materials. It is often used with other applications because it can absorb moisture.
  • Rigid foam board – Made from several different materials, it is designed to fit over wall studs, frames and headers. If you don’t have this installed, then about 25 percent of your wall surface is uninsulated.

Building or adding on? Give us a call and discuss your options.

Keeping Your Home Sealed

Drafty windows and doors are pretty easy to feel and hear. But cracks, gaps and holes in hidden parts of the house create bigger problems. If you have high heating and cooling bills, this could be why. Stop throwing money away; make your house or facility more energy efficient by calling the specialists at Green Comfort.

Attics basements and crawlspaces leak a lot of air. The heat from your furnace or boiler will easily find its way outside in the winter, driving up your power costs. Sealing them with spray foam insulation, caulk and weather stripping will improve your comfort level and make a dramatic difference in your heating bills.

We have special tools and techniques to tell you exactly where you have air leaks. And don’t worry about making your home too “tight.” While poor indoor air quality is a big buzzword these days, our professional services can ensure proper ventilation. You can be confident you have the right mixture of fresh air circulation and thermal protection.

The right combination of air sealing and home insulation will help you save 20 percent or more on your home heating and cooling costs. You will enjoy a cleaner and more comfortable indoor environment. It all starts with a call to Green Comfort LLC.

We can make your home more energy efficient in Fairfield, Westchester, Litchfield and all surrounding areas.