Why Fiberglass Insulation Has Become A Preferred Material For Home Insulation

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There may be more energy-efficient insulation choices available than fiberglass insulation, but it is the material that is used most often because it offers several attractive benefits, including ease of installation, high affordability, and the fact that it is so readily available. Since it first arrived on the market back in 1938 as a home insulation option, fiberglass has dominated its industry. Builders and homeowners continue to choose it because of the way it simplifies the job for them – they find that it allows them to get the job done faster and within budget. However, there are a few things those who opt for this type of insulation may want to consider.

A high level of skill is required in order to install fiberglass insulation in such a way that it provides maximum performance; even the smallest error can substantially reduce the protection granted. When the installation is done perfectly, air leaks may still occur, as this material was not designed to prevent them. Supplemental protection can be used to further hinder the flow of outdoor air into a home. The lifespan of the insulation depends on its quality and the skill by which it was installed as well as the preferences of the property owner or resident; those who seek enhanced energy efficiency may opt to have this material replaced sooner. Water damage and mold infestation are also factors which can reduce how long it lasts.

If your home has fiberglass insulation and you find yourself spending too much on heating and cooling, or if the walls of your home have been damaged by water or mold, then it may be time to have it replaced. Where the cost of materials is a concern, fiberglass remains the home insulation option of choice. In order to get the best performance, you want have the work done by a reputable specialist.

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