Frozen Pipes?

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As winter rolls around, one of the biggest concerns on people’s minds is how to keep their pipes safe from freezing over. When a pipe freezes over, the water expands and leads to pipes bursting. Once this happens, it can be a costly repair job and can potentially cause a lot of damage. Many homeowners look for answers on how to protect themselves against frozen pipes.

It’s important to know that the pipes that are underground or in unheated areas of your home are the most at risk for bursting. Any walls that are prone to being cold are hazardous to your pipes. Sometimes, in order to prevent frozen pipes, you can put a heater near a wall to prevent particular pipes from getting too cold. This isn’t the only method, however.

Many people use an insulating spray foam to keep the pipes warm. This is done by creating a hole in an interior wall and spraying foam around the pipe to insulate it. This is a really simple method that many homeowners prefer. Make sure that if you choose to use a foam that you fill up all of the space. If you don’t use enough, it won’t be effective.

Pipes bursting can also be prevented by general maintenance. Make sure that your pipes aren’t cracked or worn out. It’s important that you have your plumping inspected often. This will keep you from having to spend a lot of money on repairs in the long run. Also, it will be able to tell you if something is the matter and how to fix it right away.

Frozen pipes are no laughing matter. These can cause extensive damage if you aren’t careful. When you’re worried about pipes bursting, it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance and to insulate your walls with a spray foam if you’re worried about too much cold getting in.

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