Benefits Of Basement Insulation

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Because your basement is underground and surrounded by a concrete foundation, it’s typically the coolest room in your home. Heat naturally distributes into cooler places, which makes your basement a popular destination. However, without the proper basement insulation and air sealing, you could be dealing with a huge amount of thermal loss in your basement.

Why Insulate Your Basement

As we mentioned above, your basement could be an extreme thermal loss zone. Some of the heat from your furnace is likely making its way down to the basement and out through any gaps or cracks you may have and burning a hole in your wallet. With proper basement insulation and air sealing, you can reduce the amount of heat loss and save money on your monthly energy bill. Additionally, basement insulation can also help to protect from common moisture issues, preventing mold and mildew build up.

Basement Air Sealing

Any window wells should be sealed and insulated to stop chilly drafts from entering the basement as well as to lock heat in. if your basement has old single paned windows consider replacing them with new double-paned energy efficient windows.

Another area that should be sealed and insulated is the rim joist. This wood framing supports the floor above and the basement ceiling. This area is a major source of air infiltration and conductive heat loss. Spray foam is typically the most effective insulation method here as it seals up all gaps as well as prevents moisture.

When it’s all said and done, your basement will no longer be eating up your energy bill. With a warmer basement your upstairs living space will also benefit!

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